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Documentation for frameworks is usually really great and comprehensive but so often you’re looking for that one detail which is buried deep and hard to find.AI systems like ChatGPT can give you answers to coding questions but sometimes it’s for an older version of the framework - and sometimes they just make “stuff” up.With AI the Docs, you can chat directly with the documentation for a particular version of a framework to get the info you are looking for - no matter if it’s the latest release or for the app from 5 years ago that you’re still maintaining.

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We Cite our Sources

When you get an answer from an AI system like ChatGPT you don’t always know where the answer came from. With AI the Docs we give you links to the framework docs so it’s easy to followup for more info.

Clear Code Examples

Answers from AI the Docs usually include code examples directly from the docs so you can see just how to do the thing you’re asking about.

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Do you work across multiple frameworks? Use a predefined Ecosystem that lets you chat with Laravel, Livewire, and Tailwind at the same time. You can even create your own custom Ecosystem for that one legacy app to be sure you’re looking at Laravel 8 and Livewire 2 docs.

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Your chat interactions (both questions and answers) are encrypted in the database and never used to train AI systems. We do send the questions to ChatGPT via their API... but there’s really no way around that...

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There's a searchable history of your chat interactions so you can always go back and find the answer to that one questions that you can never remember.
You know the one...

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It Starts with Why

Why this and why now? I’ve been exploring AI usage patterns over the last 8 months and am working on a more general purpose app for context-aware AI interactions (Skipjack AI).While listening to a podcast episode recently I heard Caleb describe having to dig through the Tailwind docs to find an answer for something he was looking for. I tried a simple query in Skipjack and got back the answer right away.I immediately realized that others would find this valuable and I could use my work from Skipjack AI to create a niche app to make it easier for developers to work with framework documentation.

Find your own Answers

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